New Arrivals


The next new dogs to arrive were three puppies in a box.  I got even more upset about this.

All the pups who were only six or seven weeks old had been abused. I just don't get it? Why would a human do this? If I ever catch them I am really going to bite their ass and other bits of them too. I am normally a very passive cool dog, but this makes me turn into Cujo and worse. This is Harley who had his eye poked out. At first Dr Andre thought it may of been a cat, but when he saw the smallest pup had broken teeth he knew it wasn't a cat. Below is Harley.


This one is called 'Bogart' he is the biggest. He also had an eye injury, which is being treated in order to try and save his eye.


The smallest one is a girl called 'Matilda'.


Harley and Matilda have people who want to adopt them. Bogart is still looking for a nice family. They are in the house and go out in the sunshine when it's not raining.  After that mom got an email from an American couple who had been staying in Rio and found a dog that they fed for a few months. They were travelling further on in South America, so they didn't want to leave him back on the streets. Mom took him in the same day that Skye left for Germany. He came from a slum area where the couple were working.


When they have finished travelling then they may want to adopt him. He is a really nice guy and settled in as though he has been here years. Shame about his ears needs to have them pinned back somehow. I hope he doesn't take off in a strong wind. Okay those were the dogs that arrived now those that left. First Skye went to Germany to be with Linda who helped Mom here for over a month. Here she is in Germany.


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