Success Stories

Our hope is that every dog in need has three success milestones​
(1) The day they are rescued​
(2) The day they are returned to health and thriving​
(3) Life in a forever home​

Not all dogs have made it to their second milestone but luckily the ones that do far outnumber the ones that do not.  Many still are waiting in Brazil for their journey.  Here are a few that have overcome unimaginable adversity and are living the dream of three successes.​

MEET JAKE :Little Jake was found on the side of the road to die after being tortured.  His legs tied to where he couldn’t move to a rain puddle for a drink.  He also had part of a cola bottle around his neck, cutting into his skin and mange. Jake was barely 4 kilos.  After making a recovery, Jake got a severe case of tick disease.  Unfortunately, this was only discovered after his kennel mate Roxy, was found dead from tick disease overnight.  Jake recovered again and now lives near Edmonton, Canada with a  two dog brothers Chewy and Rascal, two rabbits, two birds and now one cat, Kashi.

MEET SIMON :Simon had boiling water thrown in his face. Flesh eating maggots got into the wound and made the situation worse.  He recovered but lost sight in one eye and is deaf on that side. Simon now enjoys an amazing life outside of Portland, Oregon on an orchard in the US along with two dog brothers, Snoopy and Ivory and two cats.

MEET SNOOPY :Snoopy was thrown down a drain to die. He was severely underweight and had a huge hole in his head with flesh eating maggots.  Luckily we got the call in time to help him.  It was a long recovery time.  He is a lovely guy and was the perfect patient.  Never complained.  The only lingering sign of his horrific trauma is the damaged ear hangs down.  Snoopy was adopted by the family that adopted Simon and now enjoys an amazing life outside of Portland, Oregon on an orchard in the US along with one other dog brother, Ivory and two cats Gypse.

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