Ruby is a Rottweiler and probably German shepherd cross.  She is somewhere between one and two years old, very affectionate with humans and some dogs but not all. She would be best suited to a household with no other dogs. She is energetic, extremely intelligent and has the potential to be trained to be a great dog. All she wants out of life is to please her humans.

Here is the story written by Darren Camilleri regarding the day she was found…

“Whilst I was at Dogs in Brazil, Carlos received a call from workers at the local cemetery about some dogs in need. We went to investigate and saw a Rotweiler cross. The Rotweiler was a stray living at the cemetery. I was almost in tears when I first saw her. She was so thin. Skin and bones and not much else. Carlos said she appeared to have the final stages of tick disease. We later found out after taking her to the vet that she had a fever of 41 degrees and would have died in 48 hours if left in that cemetery. Can you think back to a time when you have had a high fever, sick in bed, shivering with headaches and pain? Imagine being like this outside in a cemetery, with no one to care for you. Left to die. I will never forget that despite the obvious pain she was in when we found her, she wagged her tail in joy because we gave her our attention. Perhaps she knew we were going to save her.”


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