Baby Pluto was found at four weeks old, dying by the side of the road.

Pluto's family, including his mom, were found dead in a plastic bin liner near to where we found him. He somehow managed to survive. Pluto crawled out of the plastic bag and sat, waiting by the edge of the road for someone to save him. He very nearly ran out of time. We arrived, scooped him up, and took him straight to the vets. They diagnosed Pluto as being seriously anaemic,  and had an oedema in the throat due to malnutrition. Covered in sores and scabs due to malnutrition, with the worst case of worms we had ever seen, the vet said his body temperature had in fact started to drop as he was in the process of dying. Diarrhoea lasted for three days and he couldn't eat solid food. Medicine was given by drip, as he was slowly introduced to mushy food. He missed his mother's milk and weighed less than a kilo.

pluto_(1).JPG  pluto2.JPG

Pluto made a full recovery and was still young enough to be adopted. We advertised extensively to find a home, and even growing into a beautiful pup, a new family never came. He was given zero chance of survival by the vet, and now lives with us, continuing to tell all his incredible story. 




Pluto, such a champ!



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