Happy and Saba



Happy (behind) and Saba (leading the way) are two street dogs that were saved from the slums of Bahia, Brazil. They were rescued by an Australian lady and lived as companion animals with her for ten months. They are a completely bonded and happy couple. One cannot be adopted without the other. Their human really wanted them to go back to Australia with her but the strict importation laws prevented it. They are both young, affectionate, medium sized dogs. Saba is the calmer of the two but Happy adjusts quickly to new people. They will both be ready for adoption soon.   

For more information please email dogsinbrazil20@hotmail.com.

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  • Happy will sit on command and give you his paw :) he will lick you to death … Saba is one of them mature happy female dogs … They are just a joy to watch – during my worse times in Brazil- it was Happy’s n Saba’s easy going nature and playfulness that got me through and made me want to keep going . Saba was a fighter n walked the ghetto streets for over 1 year – she followed me – she was literally dying of starvation and tick disease – when first got her in , she slept for about 1 week . I was mocked and taunted for saving the two – as in the ghettos dogs are considered PEST and a punching bag. Migration to Australia impossible ATM. Please give them the life they deserve . They were house dogs for 10 months . Both can walk off leash and follow on command .
  • Anyone would be blessed to have these two angels as part of their family – please consider giving them a place to call home.
  • Happy and saba are two wonderful dogs and they have been through so much in their short lives. Please give this special pair a chance with a loving home
  • I lived in brazil 10 months – in the ghettos – slums – nearly killed me – but saved 2 dogs and now dear jan n Carlos too over – I flew them over to Rio from salvador – if I cd have them back I would !! Right now! The best couple ever! They will make you laugh – they will make your day – well behaved and toilet trained – any question re / Saba and Happy or the state I found them in at the slums ? Pls feel free to ask – lenka kopel . Pls pls look I to giving them the life they deserve . You won’t regret it :)