Charlie came to us as one of four dogs and three cats abandoned by a neighbor in April 2013. Two of the dogs were adopted and went to Canada and one puppy died. Charlie is the only one left from this group. We could only ever catch one of the cats which was adopted the same day. Charlie was very mistreated by the family that left all the animals behind and they also admitted to hating him. He was a special needs dog and would bite if handled. He is now a lot better and doesn't try to bite us anymore. In fact he rolls over for a tummy rub. He needs special people with a lot of patience and no young children. He gets on with other dogs.  He is around four years old and a small dog. Once he trusts you he would make a great little companion. If you would like to give Charlie a chance at a home life and have the patience to win his love then you would have a great little dog that will make you laugh with his quirky personality.  


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