'Dogs in Brazil' is a registered charity in Brazil.

My name is Jan and my husband is Carlos. More than 12 years ago we moved to Brazil to be with family. While moving to a place to make a permanent home, we happened to see a dog in traffic that was ignored and needed help. We had to save him—the rest is history...  



We couldn't stop at saving just one dog, after we saw him, we had to help as many of them as we could, and still do! This was the beginning of Dogs in Brazil.

So many dogs in Brazil roam the streets treated like vermin and thought of as pests. People can be so very cruel to them. We want to educate people that dogs can be friends and loved, and love back. We also want to let people know the importance of de-sexing their pets, so there are less unwanted puppies out there.


Poor Pluto was found fighting for his life,
with his mother dead in a plastic bin liner. 

Before we can get to that education place, we often struggle caring for the dogs we have saved by choice, while dogs are dumped on our doorstep, and locals tell us of dogs in cruel conditions that need help.

To do all this, we rely on the continued help from fellow animal lovers all over the world. We need your help. Not all help means money, even just spreading the word about things here, liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. Any way you can help us get to educating people that these supposed street dogs need love as much as your family pet—we appreciate any level of support!


Pluto today, enjoying his chance at a full, rewarding life.
This is all possible from donations by amazing people like you! 
Read Pluto's full rescue story (here).

Of course we do need funds, as we survive only on the kindness of caring people that donate to our charity. If you would like to give anything, please visit the donation page of this website (here).

Thank you!!!

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